Wednesday, May 23, 2007

new adventures in film

so with the idea of a solo art show looming in the distance, i knew that i had to hunt down some film for my baby- my Polaroid Sonar One Step camera. silver with black leather details, folds, looks good on my arm- you know the drill. the catch being, Polaroid stopped making the film, last year. i had heard about this elusive "SX-70 Blend" film, but had not yet tried to track it down (still had a pack of Time Zero in the breadbox, but i used that up around the time of my last move.)

well, after sitting on the idea of ordering $200+ worth of film from unsaleable, i finally discovered that there is a gem of a vendor, based in new york, who is the exclusive US distributor for the film. bingo!

i placed my order, got my film a few days later and started shooting. and i'm more than pleased with the results.

sx-70 blend: 3rd shot.

the film has great color tones and good contrast. no overwhelming blue tones- unless, of course, you wanted them. in which case, just snap your pic, and toss it in the freezer:

sx-70 blend: 5th shot.
(click image for details on the process, and a non-freezer comparison shot.)

all-in-all, i am thrilled that Polaroid caved into the needs of us art geeks, and gave us something to play with. i'm almost done with my second pack, and i can't wait to scan 'em all, to share.