Wednesday, July 01, 2009

secret muffins

I did an awful lot of baking this weekend-- cupcakes, muffins and two types of cookies. Add that to a fresh batch of lemonade with basil-infused simple syrup and a little Saturday-night get-together, I'm chalking this past weekend up as a pretty productive one.

A highlight of my three-day weekend was a trip with David to Culver City's Surfas, part restaurant-supply store and part gourmet grocer. I could easily fill up cart after cart here with goodies to outfit my dream semi-commercial gourmet kitchen! Half-sheet roll pans, baking cups, gel food colorings, bar supplies, perfect iced-tea pitchers and delightful baking supplies: you shall be mine! Someday..

Until that day, we're making do with what we have, using what's currently available in the kitchen, and keeping myself entertained with little things- like sneaking leftover chocolate Easter eggs into batches of banana muffins.. Can you say 'yum?'