Sunday, June 26, 2011


Wouldn't you love to turn this old firehouse into an amazing, open live-work loft at the edge of Downtown LA?
My fantasy renovation would be one big, fluid space with a maker's studio, huge lounge area with tons of cushions and a giant kitchen. I imagine our six-foot-long teak dining table would feel just at home, here.


Things are 'a changin' in my neighborhood... A few pre-fab concrete slab walls going up along the edge of the L.A. River, soon to be home to a large company's headquarters. It changes the view in a way that I don't love, but I'm just trying to roll with it. Onwards and upwards.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A little mid-week treat...

An unexpected treat today at the office-- we baked up some yummy biscuits, and I brought up some homemade jams to share with the crew. What a nice, yummy way to break up the week!

Homemade by my father, we had a plum jam, a ginger-peach jam and some awesome marmalade. A little butter from my favorite Pyrex dish (Butterprint in turquoise, natch) and we have ourselves a party! And then, well.. back to work!