Friday, October 14, 2011

Lofty {Sweet} Dreams

So, David and I recently made a huge upgrade in our loft-- we finally, after nearly six years together- purchased a new bed frame. Really the timing is just right. We made do with what we had for so long-- the bed we had at loft, he had longer than he knew me. It was time. After a fun afternoon wandering through L.A.'s HD Buttercup-- a treasure trove of things for the home-- we found something that we knew would be just the right mix of industrial and classic- a solid wood and steel bed frame, almost exactly like the one below. (Pictured is the ''platform" version of the bed, so ours is slightly different.)
(Pardon the terrible Photoshopping!) Now, to make a few more improvements in this area of the loft. We already have a great set of three mid-century pieces- a long, low dresser with mirrors, a tall dresser and a night stand. Lots of art hand out in this area, too, but I think it'll need to come down in favor of a fresh coat of paint, taking the walls from white to a nice dove grey. I simply cannot get this Zig Zag Duvet Cover out of my mind, and I think the pale turquoise will complement both the bed frame and the grey walls. A little subtle subtle animation with the Zig Zag Rug in grey continues the theme. Since space is at a premium in such a small space, I dream of installing a floating wall shelf on the left side of the bed, for use as a night stand. Of course we'll need a little light to read by, so this Far & Wide wall sconce is the perfect style (however, not the perfect price.)
My vision for this corner of our loft feels calmer and less cluttered, already. Can't wait to get started painting!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

In memory.

My 2000th Instagram photograph.
A fond farewell to Steve Jobs. Listening to 'Helplessly Hoping' by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and wishing you well on your journey. Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Wishlist :: CicLaVia!

In Los Angeles-- arguably the home of some of the world's worst traffic-- the thought of miles and miles of city streets being off-limits to cars is unthinkable. Yet, thanks to the efforts of the organizers of CicLaVia that thought is a reality. On Sunday, October 9th, the people of Southern California can enjoy the colorful city streets on their bikes, skateboards, skates, strollers or any other human-powered mode of transport. This coming Sunday, 10 miles of Los Angeles streets, stretching from Boyle Heights to the Melrose District will be closed to car traffic and open to pedestrian traffic only! I'll be there, taking in the sights and sounds with a group of friends with various levels of city-biking experience. My own bike leaves a little to be desired, so I've built a little wishlist of all of my favorite things bike-related. If only, if only...
The Public C7 women's bike is at the top of my list. Love the styling, the details (oh hello, little rainbow!) and the specs. It's a sturdy, well-priced workhorse of a bike, and it's cute to boot!
While the Leather Wine Rack from Oopsmark in Montreal won't suit the frame of my dream C7 bike, it'll work perfectly on David's more traditional frame. Plus, a bottle of wine for the bike picnic is a must-have!
Now if you're biking in the city, a good helmet is a must have. But when I see these bike caps, handmade in Oakland by Ivy & Otis, I can't help but dream of lazy bike rides in the countryside. C'est la vie!
Of course you'll find some goodies along the way that you need to carry, and what better way to stow them than in this wooden crate from A Basket Full? So when you see me tooling about on the CicLaVia route, my ride won't look anything like this. But, a girl can dream!