Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mythical Places : New York

David and I recently took our first-ever trip to New York City. It was even more amazing than I had expected, and while we saw and did a million amazing things, there were so many things that we didn't get around to, didn't have time for or simply forgot to do.

Washington Square Park

My list of 5 things, for the next time we're in town:

1. Take photobooth pictures in the lobby of the Ace Hotel in Manhattan
2. Pizza at Lombardi's
3. Have a hot dog from a hot dog cart
4. Have soft serve from a soft serve truck
5. Visit the High Line park

Till next time, New York!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Photo shoot outtake :: vint.etsy.com

Product photography is always fun, and I love styling with simple, organic elements. Here's a sweet photo that I snapped for my vintage Etsy shop, vint.etsy.com. The lovely little airplant came from Pigeon Toe Ceramics out of Portland, Ore.