Saturday, August 20, 2011


Orange. by type.wright // charlie wright
Orange., a photo by type.wright // charlie wright on Flickr.

This little BMW 2002 has been parked outside of our building for more than a week.. and every time I see it, I'm glad it's still there. Bright, shiny and most of all: orange!

Love it, and I love the way it coordinates with the tiles on the building.

Friday, August 19, 2011


NYC. by type.wright // charlie wright
NYC., a photo by type.wright // charlie wright on Flickr.

Another snippet from NYC on this most recent trip. I keep thinking about the buildings, there. Just out of frame in this photo, to the right, is a huge construction site. More buildings going up every day- buildings being erected where other buildings once stood, up against buildings that have been there longer than any of the people.

I see buildings like this, with their ornate stone details and those huge glass windows, and wonder what they looked like when they were new. What it was like to live or work inside of these buildings. Now they have the charm and patina of time and history-- but then?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jet set.

JFK by type.wright // charlie wright
JFK, a photo by type.wright // charlie wright on Flickr.

In the month of August, I've logged more than my usual (or fair share, for that matter) of miles in the sky. Back and forth between LAX and JFK- twice! The second time for work, the first for pleasure- and family.

The first trip: Two nights in Brooklyn (thanks, Meghan & Chris!), one night in Manhattan (see you again soon, Ace Hotel!) and then five nights in Boston. Whew!

It was my first time in Mass., and my first time taking a real train. I grew up around light rail systems, and have always lived somewhere where I could hear the freight trains in the distance, but have never had the occasion to travel by train. It all seemed very East Coast, and a very nice alternative to flying.

The second trip was a quick, four-day jaunt to NYC again, for the New York International Gift Fair. Now, if you've ever seen me in a room full of cool stuff (or follow my Pinterest boards then you know how excited I get about seeing new products! The show did not disappoint.

Our company's booth was in the Studio section of the show, which showcased the best and most well-designed products out there. So much fun, so much to see... and so little time. Definitely made me miss the days of working as a buyer for independent shops.

But for now.. I'm back on the West Coast, and back to normal life. For now. :)