Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday deliciousness

One of the perks of having a home espresso set up: no need to compromise when it comes to milk choices. I far prefer almond milk to anything else (I'm not allergic, it just tastes better) and most cafes don't serve it. And even if they did, "grabbing a coffee" is realistically a 20-minute ordeal.

So it's quicker, cheaper and tastier to make it myself (isn't that almost always the case?) And after almost two weeks sans-coffee, this was a really nice way to perk up a Friday.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

New York, here we come..

David and I just booked our flights for a New York City/Boston trip in late July/early August.. I can't wait!!

Invisible memories.

Lomo. by type.wright // charlie wright
Lomo., a photo by type.wright // charlie wright on Flickr.

The Lomo LC-A.. one of my oldest and best friends in the world of image-making. I think I bought my first one in 1999, after saving up many a penny-- a price that is literally nothing compared to the price you'll pay now. This tiny 35mm gem has gotten me through many a journey, when carrying something larger wasn't an option. So, naturally, I wanted to take it in my first-ever trip to New York City last summer.

Now, I'm generally slow to get things done so it's no surprised that I've only now started to get that film developed. I'm going to savor a few particular images from those rolls because, well..they're all I have. A shutter malfunction has left me with a total of three film images from the entire trip. Lesson learned? Check your shutter, often.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fruits of Summer, Tastes of Fall

Every time the weather turns a bit warmer, I start to think of all of the ways I could be using the amazing produce that starts to hit the farmer's market and starts to sprout in my tiny garden (which, now, is nothing but a few planters on a concrete ledge in downtown Los Angeles.) I've experimented with ways of enjoying these flavors-- making herbed syrups, a perfect plum upside down cake, freezing perfect 1 oz cubes of Meyer lemon juice for later use...And I've been lucky enough to grow up with father and grandmother who defined "seasonal, locally produced" jams, jellies and preserves for me.

When my seemly endless supply of family-made jam runs low, I look to other sources. One of the best purchases I've made in the past year was from Lemon Bird Jams, a jar of their onion confit made a great holiday gift for Boyfriend David. We've savored it on pork, with amazing rustic bread and more. A jar of their tangerine and vanilla bean syrup is hiding in my cupboard, and I'm afraid once I open it, it will vanish immediately!

There a couple more goodies from their shop that I'm craving right now..

Pear and Anise with Balsamic Vinegar and Raw Honey

How amazing would this be on some roast pork? Or with grilled veggies? A great fall crop of pears lived to see another season with this combination.

Lime and Hibiscus Syrup

Even a virgin cocktail can't go wrong with this syrup.. A little ice, a splash of sparkling water and a fresh slice of lemon? Perfect!

Merlot Grape Jelly

Even if you're not enjoying this spread on a picnic in the Sonoma wine country, you can dream, right? I imagine it paired with local honey, rosemary Marcona almonds and a firm goat cheese..

Enough flavor daydreaming for now, I suppose. What are you growing, this season?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Protest. Obey.

A little snippet from my neighborhood in Downtown L.A... This Shepard Fairey wheatpaste piece has gone up on an otherwise blank wall and remained more or less untouched-- unheard of for this neighborhood. The brick walls of the Arts District are an ever-changing canvas, which is part of the great appeal, for me.

But for now.. This image of a woman in protest will have a little time in the spotlight.