Thursday, May 19, 2011

Invisible memories.

Lomo. by type.wright // charlie wright
Lomo., a photo by type.wright // charlie wright on Flickr.

The Lomo LC-A.. one of my oldest and best friends in the world of image-making. I think I bought my first one in 1999, after saving up many a penny-- a price that is literally nothing compared to the price you'll pay now. This tiny 35mm gem has gotten me through many a journey, when carrying something larger wasn't an option. So, naturally, I wanted to take it in my first-ever trip to New York City last summer.

Now, I'm generally slow to get things done so it's no surprised that I've only now started to get that film developed. I'm going to savor a few particular images from those rolls because, well..they're all I have. A shutter malfunction has left me with a total of three film images from the entire trip. Lesson learned? Check your shutter, often.

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Carren said...

But then, you will never forget those three images :D