Thursday, May 01, 2008

recycled charm

Despite my humble, pre-teen DIY beginnings selling beaded bracelets on the playground, I'm not really one for jewelry. I have a few choice pieces- Maya Brenner's silver California necklace, Monique Leon's Magic Wish Bean necklace- but in general, I just don't wear it.

But when the eco-friendly shop 2ReVert was featured on's front page a couple weeks back, I was smitten. The goods? Fresh pendants, earrings, bracelets and other goods made from recycled skateboards. The jewelry did more than just appeal to my inner 15-year-old tomboy: the 7-ply maple is a throwback to my teenage years, when my father was making a living producing skateboards. The 'board business has since died down, but the sentiment remains. The piece I chose combines some of my favorite elements- woodgrain, the color orange, clean lines, recycled materials- with a nice reminder of the Good Old Days.

How can you beat that? See more at

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Arielle said...

Totally sexy! I thought they were particle board at first, but this is way cooler.