Friday, August 01, 2008

welcome to blogust!

*blink blink* ... Is it possible that my last blog post was from May? Clearly I've been a bad host! But I promise that I have been busy doing all sorts of good things, and having a quite enjoyable summer. I'm working plenty, sure, but I've also made time for a couple of trips down to Los Angeles- which happens to be the boy's new adopted home. as much as I've always said that I don't care much for L.A., I have been enjoying my time there spent with him. It's also been nice to catch up with old friends who I never get chance to see!

So far it's been a summer full of crafting, photo-taking, museum-hoping, Virgin America-flying, dress-wearing good times. How can you go wrong?

But now it's time to get down to business. Today begins a new month, a month which I hope will be full of fun, colorful and exciting tidbits of daily life. The month of Blogust, if you will. It's a personal challenge, but I'd be happy to have you join me! What will you blog about this August?

For now, here's a snippet of some of the new goodies I've been creating to share with ya'll...

A new tote made from vintage, recycled and new materials, featuring one of my very favorite fabrics from my collection of vintage yardage. Find this, and other vintage-y goodies, over at

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