Monday, March 01, 2010

Kitchen theme: yellow.

I've always been notorious for my love of color in the kitchen-- I think I am influenced by my father's obsessive purchasing of second-hand Pyrex bowls in bright solid colors. I know I am certainly influenced by what we'll call his "collecting spirit" -- otherwise known as the pack-rat gene that flows from the Wright side of the family.

Over the years I've added an array of Fiestaware to the four-color starter set I was given at the age of 18. I've had red tea kettles, turquoise tea kettles, and a line up of bright vintage mugs and tea cups. But more and more, I find myself falling into one, main accent color: yellow.

Why yellow? I wish I could say. I would have never called it a 'favorite' color, but I seem to be drawn to it more and more. The yellow vintage 3-tier kitchen cart and yellow vintage Cosco stool? I saw them on the side of the street and make an extremely quick U-turn. Vintage yellow Mikasa dishes designed by Ben Seilbel? Totally irresistible. Yellow vintage Bauer Pottery flower pots found in a friend's grandmother's garage? Mine. And it's all just fallen into place from there.

Maybe yellow is the ugly duckling of colors. Maybe it's the golden glory of a bygone era-- my childhood was also full of that classic 70's color-scheme: brown, orange, yellow and avocado green. But I've come to appreciate it for what it is: a welcome splash of brightness.

That said, here's out latest addition... The Livestrong tea kettle from Chantal. It was an investment, but I expect it to last for years.

Here are some other lovely yellow goodies I've scouted from Etsy... enjoy!

Yellow and White Cathrineholm Lotus Pot

Vintage Letter C is for Canvas {and also 'Charlie'}

hand built porcelain jug


vintage flour sifters

Vintage American Family Scale - yellow - 25lbs

Cast Iron Skillet - Lemon Yellow Enamelware

Let The Sun Shine In - screenprinted poster

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jody mcdowell said...

i love all of your picks so much! yellow is such a great kitchen color!