Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fixation :: Izola's Apothecary Style

I'm a sucker for the ephemera from other times. My favorite local watering hole is a subtle tribute to the saloons of the Barbary Coast-- full of old apothecary and seltzer bottles, big and burly wooden counters and cabinets, bartenders with just the right mix of handlebar mustache and punk rock. So it's no surprise that I fell immediately in love with the goods from Izola. Decidedly masculine, but with a unisex appeal. A great way to sneak a little style into your home, without overpowering it.
I love the monochrome subtlety of this soap dish. Use it in the entryway or bedside to catch keys or coins.
Amusing, straight forward and sturdy. What more do you need from your laundry bag?
I have a tendency to keep on hand an extra toothbrush or two. at $12.50, this set of three spare 'Guest' toothbrushes is an affordable way to greet your guests with something out of the ordinary.
Love the graphic punch of this canvas shower curtain-- I only wish it fit the width of our extra-large tub!
I don't normally go for bar soaps, but maybe that's because all of the good stuff is too cute to use! These Sport Soaps are no exception. They'd be right at home in the vintage setting of the Los Angeles Athletic Club-- squash, anyone?
And probably my favorite part of the collection- the curvy, chrome flasks. The shape evokes the look and feel of a Victorian pocket watch.. but obviously, way more useful!

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