Thursday, June 14, 2007

it's raining lens(es)

so, this past week was a good week, for cameras.

i recently had the opportunity to 'foster' a nikon d70 digital slr, for a few months. it was a wonderful machine, with a great lens, and a great opportunity to get to know a wonderful camera. i worked hard, saved my pennies and finally picked up a digital slr of my own- the d70's big brother, the nikon d80. it's got a fantastic lens on it- an 18-135 zoom- with lots of creative room to move. and it's really, really fun to shoot with.

poppies on the hill

(i snapped these poppies up in the berkeley hills, on grizzly peak. being a california native poppies are, of course, my favorite.)

my only complaint about the d80, thus far, is that it just isn't heavy enough, which gives me trouble in the image stabilization department. i guess that's one of the great things about the old bricks that we shoot film with!

speaking of film, i also picked up a second canon a1- it was a great deal on ebay and, well, i simply can't find my other one! it came with two lenses- a 50 mm and a 20-85 zoom. i haven't shot a test roll yet, but so far the camera looks to be in perfect shape. i'll report back once i've developed some film!

in the meantime, here's a snap i took with my (original) canon a1 this past september, on my trip to chicago:

(click to view large)

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