Saturday, June 02, 2007

on fruit and film cameras

so last night, despite my stay-home tendencies, i dragged my better half's roommate out to T-Rex to meet up with said better half, and another friend. we don't go to T-Rex much, even though the boys all qualify for a 25% discount there. but, you know, sometimes you just need a good order of mac n' cheese with house smoked pork.
i wasn't really in a drinking mood, so the bartender whipped up her current favorite non-alcoholic beverage. i'm not sure if it had a name, but it was basically fresh grapefruit juice, fresh grated ginger, sugar and tonic water. it was simple, unassuming, refreshing and really freakin' tasty.

ginger and grapefruit was not a combination that i had really thought of before, but it certainly sits well with me. i've been eager to do some baking- or at least eager to think about doing some baking- so i started looking up some recipes to work with. a search for "ginger" turned up this recipe for ginger + grapefruit cheesecake.. um, yes please? i'll have to give it a go, and report back.

of course, i'd be doing this baking in my new kitchen, since i moved recently. another great thing about moving? losing stuff! well, maybe not so great. i cannot, for the life of me, seem to find my beloved Canon A1, a gift from the college photo lab, years ago. i mean, it has to be somewhere, right? but i have no idea where. a quick peek at eBay turned up a great deal on an A1 in excellent condition, from an estate. two lenses, original manual, strap, et al. so, i went for it.

another camera may the last thing that i needed, but i do love the A1, and it's a good piece of equipment. i'll be sure to put it to good use.

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