Tuesday, January 22, 2008

knit works.

i've been doing my fair share of making, lately: knitting, sewing, cooking, photographing. it's been a very productive year, so far. most of my crafting efforts can be seen (and purchased!) from my etsy shop.

the red and pink scarf shown here is knit up from my current very favorite yarn, Malabrigo Kettle-Dyed Merino Wool. the yarn is incredibly soft and cozy, a real treat compared to many other pure wool yarns out there. i can't help but snap it up in every color, and rest assured that i will be knitting with it for a good while.

speaking of knitting, i'm slowly putting together a profile on ravelry.com. i'm hoping to use the site to keep track of my yarn stash, track my projects and maybe learn a few new tricks!

among my goals for the next month are to get a minor thread's main shop up and running again, and to update typewright.org with many, many photos. keep an eye out!


island girl said...

i an on ravelry too! i love it, although i am a fairly new knitter!

Anonymous said...
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