Thursday, January 24, 2008

recycled goodness

i've found that the best cure for a chilly, grey afternoon is to be productive. today, i dug into a huge bag of fabric scraps from the the blissen studios and put together some patchwork pot holders using my favorite patterns.

these little gems are made from 100% recycled materials- the scraps, some old towels for the padding inside, and even the little loop of rick-rack trim.

i've made a bunch of these for myself, friends and family. today's efforts can be seen in my etsy shop, along with some other handmade goodies.

i have many more ideas for ways to use these fabrics scraps, so stay tuned.


heidi said...

I wandered over here from Design for Mankind, and at first glance, my heart fell to the floor! That Mikasa cup & saucer is the everyday dishwear from my childhood!
You have a lovely blog, i'll definetly be back.
Thanks for that little surprise!

charlie w. said...

aw heidi! that is just the sweetest thing. thanks so much for taking the time to comment, and i will be sure to take good care of this teacup! (i only have the one!)